Welcome to the Registration Page for our Regional Tournaments in Australia and New Zealand in 2019! Registration is now open for all the tournaments which have already been scheduled.

Registration using the form here is required in advance of each tournament. Please sign up at least 8 days before the tournament. If you need to register less than 8 days before the tournament, please email nolwenn@iacompetitions.com and we will try to accommodate you. Upon registration, you will be sent an invoice with payment instructions. Please see the “Costs” tab on the menu bar for a list of prices and fees. Note that the Bee is included for all students who sign up with a Bowl team. Students coming on their own are welcome to play only in the Bee, but they may also compete as a solo team in the Bowl.

Please keep the following in mind:

1. Online Registration is REQUIRED and is only available online through this site. After you register, you will receive an invoice at the email address that you mentioned.

2. Schools need to bring at least one reader (who can be a teacher, a parent or even a non-playing student) for every two teams they bring (or fraction thereof). That person may be asked to assist with reading questions and/or scorekeeping.

3. Each school must provide a valid contact email address for its contact person. Each school must designate ONE official contact person. This can be a teacher, administrator, or parent.

4. The Varsity Division is meant for students in Year 11-12 (Australia) or Year 12-13 (New Zealand). The Junior Varsity Division is for students in Year 9-10 (Australia) and Year 10-11 (New Zealand) and the Middle School Division is for students in Year 8 and under (Australia) and Year 9 and younger (New Zealand). You can have younger students compete on a team in an older division, but not vice versa. If your school does not correspond to a standard Australian or New Zealand age system, then students in the final two years of secondary school will be considered Varsity, the next two will be Junior Varsity, and younger than that will be Middle School.

5. Teams are limited to SIX students; once you have more students interested, you need to sign up additional teams.

6. For any questions please contact our Executive Director, Mrs. Nolwenn Leon Madden, at nolwenn@iacompetitions.com